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Following a long-standing tradition, the 31st International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth took place again in the House of Bavarian Agriculture Herrsching. This modern and innovative training and conference centre is the central training institution of the Bavarian Farmers' Association. In line with the central theme of learning in dialogue on Lake Ammersee, adults experience an intensive educational programme in agriculture. (

Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture Cem Özdemir summarises the 31st International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth as follows in his welcoming address in the proceedings of the workshop:

"The focus was on the topic of sustainability and how we also live up to it in practice. 77 participants from 46 countries put their heads together inten­sively for a fortnight, exchanged experiences and opinions and developed concrete project ideas with innovative approaches. New networks and friendships have emerged in the process.

This year's motto "Think globally ­ Get together and act locally" refects both the spirit of the workshop and the task we face together. By thinking globally, we can learn from the experiences of other countries and cultures – and incorporate them locally into our programmes and initiatives to best support the needs and potential of young people."

During the opening ceremony of the workshop, Dr Margareta Büning-Fesel, President of the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food, addressed the participants with the following words:

"You will learn with and from each other over the next two weeks. You will discuss ideas together and also develop your own action plans in order to implement them in your home countries if possible. In doing so, you will create important foundations for change on the ground and thus for a shared good future.

The extraordinary setting of the workshop primarily creates space ­ space for international encounters, space for diversity of experiences and expertise, space to exchange, network and learn from each other. Ultimately, you, dear participants, shape this unique workshop. You open up the possibilities of joint further education for yourselves and all other participants."

Conference reports

2023: 31. Tagungsband – Conference report – Actes de conférence PDF | barrierefrei

2022 30. Tagungsband – Conference report – Actes de conférence

2019 29. Tagungsband – Conference report – Actes de conférence 

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