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2017 Review

28th International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth: Inspiration from diversity – Herrsching works!


Skills and education are the key to the future of agriculture and rural areas. The international workshop conveys modern strategies for education and project work to participants, based on practice-related examples.


The first part of the workshop deals with conveying and developing leadership skills. These include communication and cooperation, but also motivation, group dynamics and conflict management, as well as presentation and moderation skills.

The second part focuses experiences available to global challenges, local solutions and implementation strategies. Using current examples, various methods for empowering young people are discussed.
A most valuable and productive tool is moderated exchange of experience. The participants’ competencies and experiences are effectively used in the sense of an experts’ dialogue in order to develop practical solutions.

The third part the workshop deals with the evaluation of results achieved during the workshop and contents of the workshop.

Technical excursions and guided tours round off and complement the topics discussed in the workshop.


The International Workshop 2017


Opening and Getting Acquainted

  • Introduction of participants, their home country and their backround
  • Forming of language groups (English, French and German)
  • Official opening ceremony

1. Leadership Training

Skills and methods for group work in rural areas

  • Group work, group dynamics
  • Motivation, leadership
  • Cooperation, conflicts
  • Personal skills and knowledge
  • Communication, presentation, moderation

2. World Conference 2017 – Implementation Strategies for Rural Development

Ideas and inspiration for education and youth work through a global exchange of experiences. Dialogue from participants' expertise on global perspectives and local approaches.

  • Rural development
  • Food
  • Resources and the environment
  • Integration

3. Sustainable Action

Preparation of personal action plans, taking into account counselling and implementation support

  • Preparation of an action plan
  • Presentation and Feedback
  • Coaching
  • Ensuring transfer
  • Networking

Finale and Departure

  • Evaluation
  • Official closing ceremony



Impressions 2017