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International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth


International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth


Every other year, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture organises the International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth. It has been taking place for fifty seven years in Herrsching on Lake Ammersee in southern Germany.

The desire expressed by many European rural youth leaders in the 1950s to build up a permanent training centre for the mutual exchange of experiences and ideas came from a meeting of the representatives of the FAO (UN Food and Agriculture Organisation), UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) and WAY (World Assembly of Youth) on 22 July 1960 in Paris. There, Germany declared its willingness to establish an International Workshop for Rural Youth Work.

Leaders from all over the world were to be given many different forms of support and provided with ideas for the further development and strengthening of rural youth work.

Ever since the first event in 1962, all international seminars have been conducted at the House of Bavarian Agriculture in Herrsching (Lake Ammersee) under the patronage of the FAO. Over 1900 participants from roughly 150 countries have attended the 28 international workshops that have been held to date.

Important inspiration and concrete ideas for improving rural youth work have been implemented all over the world in the past decades.

Unique in the world, this workshop enjoys an excellent reputation in the rural youth movements of all continents.



+49 (0)228 6845-3920

Federal Office for Agriculture and Food
Workshop Secretariat, Department 334 - International Cooperation and Global Food Security
Deichmanns Aue 29
53179 Bonn, Germany

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Conference report 29th Workshop 2019

Gaining skills – sharing knowledge – building networks (barrier free)

PDF | 9 MB

Conference report 27th Workshop 2015

Learning – Sharing – Creating

PDF | 5 MB

Conference report 26th Workshop 2013

Prepare for Action

PDF | 5 MB


I heard a lot of stories, exchanged experiences which i will take with me everywhere. I learned a lot about life, appreciation and about people I growth here – not just with all new knowledge but also personal. I met a lot of amazing people- friends here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity. With love, Doris from Slovenia!

I think this workshop is very useful for solving problems all over the world together. And this is a good opportunity to exchange experience. Good luck for the workshops in the future and thank you very much! Farida Kadirkhodjaeva from Uzbekistan

Pour moi comme volontaire. J’avais aucune idée a’propos du programme de cet semaine. Je peux dire que je suis tellement contente et heureuse de prendre cette belle aventure qui m’a permis de décourvrir des choses que je connais pas de moi. En plus, je suis parti avec des nouvelles experiences et des nouveaux aquis en terme personnel et professionnel. Maroua Herzi de Tunisie

The workshop did more to me than I’ve expected. The seminar is very professionally organised and the people involved are clearly experienced. Germany is a step ahead of South Africa. We can learn so much from you! I feel like I have grown. As a leader in my youth group organisation I feel like my mindset has improved. I have so much to take back and have learned so many things I didn’t know. Sashley Sauls from South Africa

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